The Gnomes Mission Statement

To stoke an authentic interest from our local community and stir-up an identifying response with the Soil, Earth & Ourselves.
To have provoking conversations surrounding the delicate topic of our environmental responsibilities and offer real food and solutions to the marketplace.

Our definition of "real food"
• Grown locally as food degrades nutritionally with travel/time.
• Grown in mineral rich, living soil.
• Grown Without the use of artificial fertilisers & Chemicals.
• Grown With flavour, Purpose & Connection: real produce tastes that much better and any grower will know this.

With the true cost up front
You pay, not only for the produce, but a system change. Use your purchase as a vote! Many farms are reliant on cheap, exploited labour and environmentally destructive methods to keep costs low and supply cheap food to supermarkets.

"Pay the farmer now or the doctor later"