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All About The Gnomes

Wrapping up a stall in DCU

plenty of good stuff to be found here

Early days with help from our friend Li

What's the... Origin Story

It is amazing how time flies! Our story begins here, the year was 2015, it doesn't seem that long ago really...

Down Gnomes Memory Lane...

You must be popular, right!?

We've been flying abit under the radar & I'll tell you why! Farming is hard work! Under all the pain, suffering & misery we have managed an interview or two!

Have I seen you before?

If we didn't have one, it just wouldn't be as fun!

Ah a Mission Statement! A formulation of thought that you can point to, to say LOOK this is what we're about! As we grow and learn so does our mission! Everyone should have one.

the gnomes mission statement