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Lettuce Mix (Our Spring Mix)

  • • Our Signature mix of lettuce leaves expertly hand harvested.
  • • A solid tasty salad base with an amazing shelf life.

Spicy Mix Salad

  • • We love mixing mustard & rocket leaves together to produce our Spicy Mix!

Mustard Leaves

  • • A mix of mustard leaves usually mizuna & purple frills.
  • • Tons of flavour! With a light, mild peppery heat.
  • • Very decorative serrated leaves.

Baby Spinach

  • • We use a rather unique variety of spinach because of its juiciness. It takes a little bit longer to grow but its flavour is worth it! Delicious.
  • • Larger spinach for cooking & jucing is also available when this is in season.

Salad Rocket

  • • A milder version than its wild cousin. It has the distinctive rocket flavour but abit toned down. Great where you want that flavour but not in an overpowering way.
  • • Often long loabed leaves as opposed to serrated.

Baby Red Kale

  • • A very young, tender baby kale. Very suitable for a raw salad!
  • • Beautiful serrated leaf with a pinkish stem.

Curly Kale

  • • Fresh curly kale grown in rich soil cannot be compared to!
  • • Richer in flavour and minerals.

Black Kale (Cavolo Nero)

  • • Long black kale leaves with distinct kale flavour.
  • • Very suitable for all your curly kale uses aswell as its Italian heritage uses such as minestrone!

Rainbow Chard

  • • Easy to spot with its striking colours and large leaves.
  • • Steamed or blanched leaves make delicious wraps for any filling!
  • • Colours indicate different nutrients, eat the rainbow!

Breakfast Radishes

  • • Longer than the usual round ones.
  • • Abit sweeter and milder in spice too, more suitable for raw eating.
  • • Leaves are delicious too!

Salad Turnips

  • • Baby White Salad Turnips are staples in Japanese cooking for thinly sliced quick pickles or raw in soups & salads.
  • • No need to peel and they are deliciously crunchy, watery and sweet.
  • • Leaves are very tender and edible too (Nothing like swedes)

Baby Courgettes (Seasonal)

  • • Fresh picked baby courgettes are delicious!
  • • About 7 - 10" Long (18cm - 25cm) no seeds or barely developed).
  • • Different colours available seasonally.

Cucumbers (Seasonal)

  • • People say they can or can't taste cucumber. When it's grown in rich soil you can DEFINETLY taste them!
  • • Much more flavour and they can be grown as small or as long as you like.
  • • We grow many varieties each season to see what we like - Pickling Gherkins also available.

Cherry Tomatoes (Seasonal)

  • • There is ALOT of debate around tomatoes, it ends here... Grown in rich soil they are amazingly delicious.
  • • A ton of shapes & sizes exist outside the mainstream imports (which we love to experiment with).

Garlic (Seasonal)

  • • High quality garlic, grown in small batches.
  • • When being harvested (end of June/Early July) you can try "Wet" garlic (See photo). Before it cures, the skins are soft, tender and deliciously edible.

Garlic Scapes (Seasonal)

  • • Very seasonal crop item. The flower stems of garlic. They are beautiful grilled and put into pasta.
  • • Raw Spicy Garlic flavour, great for flavouring oils too!

Celery Bunches

  • • Celery takes quite abit of time to grow from seed so in order to have it available for aslong as possible we sell it in bunches!
  • • Strong celery stalk flavour, leaves are very usable and are akin to flat parsley.


  • • Parsley (Flat & Curly), Coriander & Dill.
  • • All fresh cut & harvested to order.


  • • Basil & Chives are great staple herbs for us. With many more available in small amounts.

Seasonal Produce (Small Quantities)

  • • Other produce include Baby potatoes, round courgettes, gherkins & kohlrabi...
  • • Grown in smaller quantities for select customers.

Seasonal Produce (Small Quantities)

  • • Other produce include Onions, Swede, Scallions & Beetroot...
  • • Grown in smaller quantities for select customers.


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Gnomes Seasonal Salad Program!
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