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Go From Surviving To Thriving With Our Amazing Microgreens PDF!

"Adding microgreens to my diet was so easy and tasty! My body thanks me everyday"

Have you ever thought to yourself, "My body deserves better", "My enviroment deserves better", "Surely getting fresh food direct from an environmentally concious farmer isn't that hard to find...?".

Meet your local microgreen growers! The Gnomes, Martin, Shane, Ray & Jason, Dublins very own Regenerative Market Gardeners. We've been growing high quality, nutritious microgreens and produce for almost a decade! With nowhere else to turn, we rolled up our sleeves and got to growing ourselves, with NO farming experience.

We wanted our food to be tasty, nutrient-dense, alive with gut enhancing microbes and grown with ZERO pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers.

You are what you eat after all... and we have learned some AMAZING SECRETS along the way...

... Discover the incredible world of Microgreens! Learn all about living foods and why they NEED to be in your diet...

Most of us eat cheap, nutritionally poor food that unknowingly wreaks havoc on our bodies over time. We eat fruits & vegetables from the supermarket that offer substandard or chemically saturated food that mess with our bodies natural rhytms or are grown in poor soils artificially enhanced with chemical fertilisers.

If you've ever suffered with any digestive issues, skin issues or low energy levels then you'll know what we mean!

Living in Ireland means that alot of our fresh food isn't even grown here!

Microgreens have been a staple in our diet since we've learned about them and it's time that you know this AMAZING SECRET TOO!